Using AlertController for data input



Full Screen Content and EdgesForExtendedLayout in iOS 7

source: This is particularly evident with UINavigationControllers. This picture shows the difference between the default mode (UIViewController.EdgesForExtendedLayout = UIRectEdge.All) and the “iOS 6”-style (UIViewController.EdgesForExtendedLayout = UIRectEdge.None). You can see that in UIRectEdge.All mode, the current UIView‘s drawing rectangle covers the Read more ›


synch and asynch uiView image with ios9

source   77down voteaccepted Synchronously:

Asynchronously: Create a function to get the data from your url

Create a function to download the image (start the task)


or as an Extension:


google map in swift now for ios

just follow the instrunctions of   and DON’T forget to add in project TARGET, in other Linker Flag the flag -ObjC also disable the bitcode from project build settings     to find my location you need this code

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create custom cells for table view with swift

source here:

to have the same results


Close keyboard

from stackoverflow  



hex color in swift



setup cocoapods

Install instructions: ! Remember to restart the terminal after the install 

follow this one (CocoaPod and Facebook integration):   


Facebook Open Graph

What are Custom Stories A typical story consists of four elements: an actor, action, object and your app’s name. With these elements you can publish stories like:“Hugo read Catch-22 on Goodreads”. Read the overview to learn more… Open graph offers Read more ›